About Trackster Tech

What is Trackster Track and Care?


Trackster Track and Care is an loT solution that gives you automated, mapped visibility of your moving assets at scale, along with the security of knowing the chain of custody. Leveraging new Trackster innovations, data on your assets’ location, custodian and condition is collected by loT trackers and Apps to be sent via cost efficient network technologies to be displayed on a simple, intuitive portal or presented into your existing applications using your data from our App, Dashboard or API.

Who can purchase Trackster Track and Care, and how do I purchase Trackster Track and Care?


Trackster Track and Care has been developed especially for our Enterprise customers looking for an automated solution to track hundreds or thousands of moving assets.

Enterprise customers can purchase Trackster Track and Care by  speaking to your Trackster Sales Representative, or by enquiring here to speak to one of our team members directly.

One of our experts will then call you back.



iOTA also known as the Trackster loT Network, has global coverage. It’s works on a range of low power wide area networks (LPWAN) footprint that supports loT securely, at scale, and at low cost. Leveraging our global mobile network infrastructure, our Cellular Low Power Wide Area Networks (Cellular LPWANs) are built specifically for scaled loT deployments to give you better, cost-efficient coverage – even in challenging locations that high bandwidth technologies may not reach.

How do I activate my tracking unit?

  • Remove the film covering the tracker.
  • Press and hold the power button for 2 – 4
  • For further details, please refer to the Quick start guide

How do I know if my tracker is active?

  • Check the Proximeter app or Trackster Global web Dash.track.tech

How is the location and condition of my asset tracked with the the Trackster Tracking Unit?

  • 1 track per second when asset is moving via the Software
  • 1 track per 4 hours when asset is stationary via the GSM
  • Any motion (constant vibration gets filtered out), wakes the tracker up, the tracker then checks GPS coordinates and if greater than 100 metres, the trackers goes into moving state where it checks GPS every If coordinates don’t change for 200 seconds, the tracker goes back to stopped state.

** Reporting frequencies reduce as battery decreases.

If the Tracking Unit goes out of Cellular coverage will it track its location and then update data once in Range?


  • Yes, for the Tracking Unit, it can store up to approximately 40,000 records offline which means 60 days’ worth of data if the asset is moving 12 hours per
  • The tracker will continue to scan and acquire its GPS position and attempt to send and then store that position and time stamp, until it gains coverage and sends its historical

How long does the battery last and how do I charge it?

  • Up to 24 months on a single charge, assuming 12 GPS locations and 12 reports per day (stationary).
  • Estimated tracker life of
  • Ensure your tracker is exposed to tracking software least 1-2 hours per day to maintain constant power.
  • If battery is fully depleted, you will need 20-30 minutes to recharge whilst stationary (movement will delay charging).


Why isn’t my tracker charging?

  • Your tracker may not be getting the power
  • Ensure your tracker is connected to USB Micro connection to maintain constant power charge.


What’s the best way to attach my tracker?

  • Use the rugged enclosure.
  • To achieve maximum life, make sure the device is free from impact.
  • Mount vertically, Trackster logo facing upwards, open sky view for maximum GPS performance with antenna pointed at the

Can the Tracking Unit withstand harsh conditions?

  • The iOTA Tracking Unit is IP678
  • The iOTA Sense and Quantum X are not waterproof.




The Trackster Track and Care tracker/ tag will initially conduct a Wi-Fi geolocation scan. If this scan fails, the tracker/ tagwill then conduct a GPS scan. The tracker/ tag activates its GPS radio, and conducts a GPS scan, calculating its location based on latitude and longitude, as well as the approximate accuracy of Wifi hot spots. It then transmits this detail using the Trackster software technology over the Trackster smart application network. GPS signals are dependent on a sufficient level of satellite exposure in the location where your tracker/ tagis located.

How do I activate my tracking unit?

  • Press once and ensure light is flashing on to
  • iOTA Sense flashes green for on and iOTA flashed red, quantum flashes blue.
  • For full details please see Quick start guide


How do I know if my tracker is active?

  • Check the web portal or,
  • Swipe a mobile device over the tracker, if the device appears on the Track Proximeter app and stays there, it is active.

How is the location and condition of my asset tracked with the Tracking Unit?

  • By default, 1 track per second via the Trackster network and 1 second.
  • Location updates are also provided via proximity to the Trackster Software network.
  • As part of the operating profile when you get your track via the Trackster network, it will include temperature, shock and moisture information. Please note location updates via the Trackster Network won’t include logged temperature, shock or moisture

If the Tracking Unit goes out of coverage will it track its location and then update data once in Range of the Trackster Network?

  • Yes, for the Tracking Unit, it can store up to 40,000 records offline which means 100 days’ worth of data given it reports in at once every 10 min every
  • The tracker will continue to scan and acquire its GPS position and integrity data and attempt to send and then store the logged positions and time stamps, until it gains coverage and sends its historical data via the Trackster authorised parties.

How long does the battery last and how do I replace it?

  • Battery life lasts up to 4 years on the default 1 broadcast per second profile. For maximum battery life, mount the tracking unit away from metal or wired areas conditions which do impact battery radio signals.
  • If your battery runs flat or the Tracking Unit is not working, please contact our support team on help@tracksterglobal.com.

What is the best method to achieve attachment with tracker?

To achieve optimal performance of attachment to freight, use the consignment pouch.








What network technology does my iOTA tracker use to report its location?

  • Trackster Software network is supported in several ways:
  • Trackster Track and Care customers who have distributed the Track and Care App within their workforce.
  • Customers working with Trackster or a Trackster partner who have distributed a custom app with Trackster  Network enablement to their workforce.
  • Track and Care Stargate Tracking Units with Trackster Software network enabled, commonly located on devices such as ports, DC’s, Warehouses, Retailers, Distributors, shippers, air freighters, transport handler and their containers, vehicles or
  • Trackster customers who opt-in to location permissions in the Trackster
  • Trackster App customers with any of the 10 Trackster Apps for the end to end supply chain.

The accuracy of the last known approximate location of a Tracking Unit/ Tag is dependent on:

  • The distance (measured by signal strength) between the Trackster Tracking Unit/ Tag and the Trackster Software App Network.
  • The component(s) of the Trackster Network that find and present data to the Location and Careing
  • The accuracy of the location services data of the Trackster Software App Network device that observes the Tracking Unit/
  • The number of location records uploaded for a Tracking Unit/ Tag in the period of time. Accuracy may be improved where the tracker is observed by multiple Trackster Software App Network members, as our platform solution will create a single data point taking into account Radio Signal strength(RSSI) between each tracker and the tag as well as the relative location accuracies of each observing

iOTA Tracking Unit

Trackers Location Information

My Tracking Unit/ Tag isn’t reporting its location regularly enough?

  • Your tracker may not be within range of the Networks.
  • Metal surroundings may interfere with signal.
  • The best application for Trackster Track and Care trackers is to compliment the Trackster Network of transport operators, 3PL and customers with your own dedicated network of authenticated mobile phones and tablets that have the Track and Care mobile app

Why is my tracker showing in a different location to where it’s located?

  • There may be different causes:
  • GPS Finding Points around the tracker haven’t been able to determine its location, or its last known position and will drift up to 100 M.
  • The mobile device that is locating the Tracking Unit may have Wi-Fi turned off or poor mobile signal, both of which can impact the effectiveness of its ability to understand the location of the Tracking Unit /Tag.

If I have more phones with the Track and Care app, will it increase the frequency of location updates?

  • Yes, it may increase the frequency of trackers being
  • It will also increase the accuracy and certainty of locating your Tracking Unit/ Tag because it will provide more GPS Finding Points. When there are more Finding Points that locate the tracker, these finding points will triangulate and provide one location ping that is determined to be most


How do I navigate to the web portal?

  • global/dashboard

Where do I find my login details for the web portal?


  • Please speak to your Trackster Sales Representative who will assist you with getting access to the Track and Care web portal with a secret company code.
  • Alternatively, contact our Support Team on whereby.com/tracksterteam

What can I do in the Trackster Track and Care portal?


  • See your asset data including last updated approximate location and time, and battery
  • Trace location history at specific dates and
  • Search for a specific asset by the asset name or Tracker ID (serial number).
  • Filter by specific assets, GeoFences, tags, battery level, and
  • Create GeoFences, assign tags to your assets, assign categories to
  • View notifications for when trackers have entered and left
  • Edit asset ID and other asset

How often does the data update in the web portal?

  • When you press refresh, or
  • The web portal will auto-refresh every 60 seconds, if you prefer to enable this in your settings.

How do I rename a single tracker on the web portal?

  • From the web portal homepage, select an individual asset on the map, or from the asset
  • If you select the asset on the map, click ‘more’ to go to asset details.
  • If you select the asset from the list, click the report icon to go to asset
  • From the edit asset details page, you can edit the asset

How do I name or rename multiple asset details at a time?

  • In the top right-hand corner of the web portal, click on the gear wheel ‘settings’
  • Click “Download CSV”.
  • This will download an excel file of all your From here you can do an efficient, mass edit of your Asset IDs.
  • Note: you are not able to change the Tracker ID as this is a unique identifier from Trackster Track and

o       Once you’ve made your changes, save the file, and then upload it in settings.


What is a GeoFence?


  • A GeoFence is a specified area of fencing created around an area of importance to For example, a construction site, depot, or hospital.
  • GeoFences are helpful for being able to filter your search on the web portal to quickly find specific assets assigned to that
  • GeoFences are also helpful for receiving notifications when one of your assets enters or leaves its assigned

How do I create a GeoFence?

  • From the homepage, toggle to Area view on the left-hand side menue of the
  • You can either move the map to position your
  • Up the top, click ‘Create GeoFence’.
  • To confirm your GeoFence click the message “click here to create new GeoFence”.
  • You can then edit GeoFence details including the radius, name, and assign it to existing categories that you

** It is important that you don’t overlap your GeoFences, as this can affect notifications.


Why do I not see any assets or data when I log into the portal?

  • You may not have activated your
  • For Tracking Units or Tags you may not have had them in proximity to the Trackster App since activation and therefore they have not been
  • You can see if your trackers have not been observed by filtering for date seen.

What do the cluster circles around my trackers mean?

  • The accuracy circle is showing the approximate location of where all of the tracked asset are and within the radius of that accuracy circle is the number of units.

Why am I seeing battery fluctuations?

  • The battery may be affected by:
  • Temperature
  • Condition
  • Storage
  • Operational use of the



How do I download the app?

  • Search Trackster Global and Track Proximeter on the Apple Store, or Google Play Store to find all our apps.

Key features

  • Google maps view of your assets
  • Search for an asset
  • View and asset list
  • Satellite view (top-right hand corner toggle mountain icon)
  • Filter by battery level, GeoFence, Inactive Trackers, Tags
  • Edit asset name, GeoFence, tags and


Do I need to enable my location settings to ‘always’ for the Trackster App?


  • Yes


Do I need to be logged into the Trackster App for it to act as a Tracking device finding point?

  • No


Will the Track and Care Mobile App affect my phone battery usage?


  • The Track and Care App will use battery as it detects and uploads location updates. Trackster have ensured to minimise the battery impact of their app. Each user can utilise their operating systems function to understand the battery usage vs that of other



What can I get notifications for?


  • You can choose to receive notifications for when an asset enters or leaves its assigned GeoFence, or has a change in temperature, shock or moisture or chain of custody.

How do I set up notifications?


  • Multiple assets
  • Up the top right-hand corner of the web portal, click the ‘horn’ icon for Alert
  • Toggle ‘enable’ to turn on (and turn off) notifications for all active assets I trackers for when the asset enters a GeoFence and / or leaves a
  • Individual assets
  • Select an asset to view asset details
  • Click the ‘notifications’ tab
  • Select to edit notifications alerts
  • Apply custom notifications, so that the notifications only apply to this


Where do the notifications go?


  • Once enabled, notifications will be sent as an email to view data.
  • Notifications will display as a list, showing:
  • Date and time the asset entered or left a
  • A description detailing if the asset has arrived at a GeoFence or left the GeoFence and the current integrity and chain of custody data.




What if I want to purchase Trackster Track and Care but still utilise my own existing system for data?

  • Trackster Track and Care offers an API tool that allows you to integrate our asset tracking data into your own


What’s the benefit of the API?

  • You may have an existing project management I work scheduling/ asset maintenance or management system or Application. You can enrich your existing data by integrating it with the Track and Care API including last known location, tracker details, location history, and more features that the Track and Care DevOps team are continuously

How do I purchase the API?


  • You don’t need to purchase this, it’s an included Just select the option to get the API on your Application Form when you initially purchase Trackster Track and Care.
  • If you initially didn’t want the API, and now you do, please contact your Trackster Sales Representative, and then we can get th is set up for




I still need help; can I call someone?


  • For ‘Your Trackster Tools’ issues, cancellations, and triage of all issues:
    • Please contact our friendly tech support team.

Email: help@trackster.app