Why Trackster

Today, your customers demand a better service faster, and cheaper.

To meet these demands, you need to be more efficient managing your freight, cargo mobile assets.

The more visibility and security you have, the better you can manage your inventory and turn them into revenue.

We’ll deliver the right freight tracking solution for your global supply chain business.

QUANTUM Tracking Unit iOTA Tracking & Custody IOTS SENSE Track & Care
Network Technology GSM GSM, WIFI, BLE


50 mm x 50 mm x 20mm 70 mm x 50 mm x 5mm 35 X 45 X





Tracking Frequency



1 per minute – moving

1 per 4 hrs – stationary


1 per second

+Proximity to Trackster Network Apps

1 per second

+Proximity to Trackster Network Apps (logging data every 10 min)




Rechargeable (USB)




Replaceable- AAA



Battery Life


Up to 8 months per full charge (based on 1 track every 4 hours – est. life ~5years)



Up to 4 years


Up to 4 years per full charge (based on movement)


Hardware Cost (ex GST)

(only incurred when device is lost )

Hardware repayment options available

$99 (per device)


$10 (per device)


$19 (per device)

Monthly Service Fee per device (ex GST)  

$10 p/mth


$3 p/mth


$5 p/mth

Minimum Total Cost (Device rental price plus minimum order plus service fee per month)  


(min 10 devices p.m)



(min 100 devices p.m)



(min 100 device p.m)